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M. Gunnar Murray, a Southern Californian artist, designer, and musician, launched his creative career while attending art school. Alongside a fellow schoolmate and surfer,he co-founded a design business in Venice, initially collaborating with the emerging surf/custom car culture brand, Von Dutch. Their focus on action sports soon attracted partnerships with local brands such as Arbor Snowboards, Dogtown Skateboards, and Sector Nine. While their reputation grew, they ventured into broader markets, crafting campaigns for Disney, Coca-Cola, and Fox Television.

Transitioning to freelance work, Murray’s career trajectory evolved as he assumed roles ranging from creative director to senior art director for Hyundai’s experiential agency. Leading design teams, he spearheaded dynamic campaigns for Hyundai’s NFL and NCAA sponsorships, while also delivering impactful work for LG, Nestle, and Microsoft.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a hands-on approach, Murray continuously honed his craft, delving into 3D design, large-scale production coordination, and greater management responsibilities.  His versatility extended across various design platforms, from web to print production.

Following a merger and corporate restructuring, Murray commenced a reflective journey. Embracing a more serene lifestyle, he settled in the tranquil Santa Monica mountains with his partner, surrounded by the local flora and fauna. In the midst of this idyllic setting, he infuses his creative endeavors with a seasoned approach rooted in zen principles. Integrating spiritual practices into his daily routine, he embodies a commitment to perpetual curiosity and lifelong learning.


Over 25 years of visual design and creative direction:
  • Software proficiency includes: Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, Web-based CMS, multiple MAC and PC programs

  • Large scale experiential activations: creative direction, graphic design, 3D modeling, and branding

  • Strategic and creative design ideation: comprehensive brand research, fine art and music informed

  • Industry versatility: automotive, action sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and health & wellness


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